Krevor Lab

Porous media

flow and reaction


Our group combines state of the art experimentation, imaging and modelling to study multiphase flow and reactive transport in porous media with applications to CO2 storage, petroleum engineering and earth and planetary sciences 

Recent News


  1. Feb, 2015 - Congratulations to Niu et al. (2015) Impact of reservoir conditions on residual trapping accepted for publication in Water Resources Research

  1. Jan, 2015 - Congratulations to Krevor et al. (2015) Review of residual trapping for geological CO2 storage accepted for publication in International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

  1. Dec, 2014 - Come see Cat Reynolds, Pete Lai and Maartje Boon

presenting at the AGU - Monday: H14C-02, Tuesday: H21A-0696,

Wednesday: H53A-0832, Friday: H33D-0849

  1. October, 2014 - Peter Lai, Cat Reynolds, Ali Al-Menhali and Ben Niu

are presenting at the Greenhouse Gas Technologies Conference 12,

presentations in Austin, TX. Come check out our presentations on

Wednesday in sessions 7B, 7F and the posters.

  1. September, 2014 - Peter Lai and Sam Krevor are presenting at the Shell Amsterdam Centenary Conference Rock & Fluid Physics: Academic and Industrial Perspectives

  1. July, 2014 - Cat Reynolds, Maartje Boone, Peter Lai and Sam Krevor are attending the Gordon Conference on Flow and transport in Porous Media at Bates College in Maine

  1. July, 2014 - The EPSRC funds MESMERISE-CCS, with PI Dr. Niall Mac Dowell from the Centre for Environmental Policy and coIs from Earth Science & Engineering, the Business School and the Department of Chemical Engineering

  1. June, 2014 - The UK CCS Research Centre funds Multiscale Characterisation of CO2 Storage in the UK, in collaboration with the British Geological Survey and partners Shell, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Zeiss

  1. June, 2014 - Congratulations to Cat Reynolds, 2nd place in the SPE Europe Regional Student Paper Contest

  1. June, 2014 - Sam Krevor presents at the London Petrophysical Society Evening Lecture

  1. April, 2014 - Sam Krevor discusses observations of CO2-brine multiphase flow properties at the Geological Society workshop on CCS in London

  1. April, 2014 - Ben Niu presents results on the residual trapping of CO2 at the EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop in Stavanger, Norway

  1. March, 2014 - Maartje Boon, Cat Reynolds, Pete Lai and Sam Krevor are headed to the Gordon Conference on Flow in Porous Media in July

  1. March, 2014 - Ali Al-Menhali is awarded the Qatar Energy R&D award at

the Gulf Intelligence Qatar Energy R&D Forum

  1. Feb, 2014 - Peter Lai and Ali Al-Menhali are accepted to present at the EGU in


  1. Jan, 2014, - The QCCSRC Annual Review meeting was a great success.

See some of our latest research.

  1. Jan, 2014 - Ali Al-Menhali presents at the IPTC in Doha, paper here:


  1. Dec, 2013 - Cat Reynolds, Pete Lai and Sam Krevor are at the AGU! Come check out

our posters on Surface area Heterogeneity H31D-1213 Wednesday AM and CO2-Brine Relative

Permeability H51L-1366 Friday AM

  1.     Nov, 2013 - Sam Krevor visits the Otway pilot injection site and CO2CRC as a part of the

UKCCSRC CO2 storage Mission to Australia

  1.     Nov, 2013 - Ali Al-Menhali is representing the QCCSRC at the Shell Innovation Open House at the Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre


  1.     Oct, 2013 - Sam Krevor is the keynote speaker at the CNOOC-Nexen

Petrophysics Community of Practice meeting.


  1.     Oct, 2013 - PhD students Catriona Reynolds and Peter Lai

receive presentations at the AGU fall meeting!


  1.     Oct, 2013 - Welcome to the latest additions to our team

PhD student Maartje Boon and MSci student Kevin Moulton !

  1.     Sept, 2013 - PhD student Ali Al-Menhali is presenting at the Society of Core Analysts Meeting in Napa, CA

Ali presenting to the Minister of Energy of Qatar

Sam at the Otway injection well

Please see the below postdoctoral scholar opportunity. Email all enquiries to Sam Krevor

  1. -Postdoctoral scholar: Reservoir modelling of CO2 storage and enhanced oil recovery in the UK. Project description download